FRESITEC Freiberger Recycling und Silicium Technologie GmbH – Refinement and recycling of silicon

In 2019 FRESITEC GmbH merged with Loser Chemie GmbH, based in Freiberg.

The team of FRESITEC GmbH builds on 20 years of experience in the refining, reworking and recovery of silicon. Mechanical and chemical processes as well as innovative crystallization processes belong to the portfolio of FRESITEC.

Our range of services around silicon

Production of multicrystalline silicon ingots, crystallization, remelting, purification
Silicon shaped parts for sputtering target production and processing of used targets
Mechanical treatment of silicon – Sawing, Crushing, Milling, Sandblasting
Chemical treatment, etching and cleaning of Silicon
Analytical laboratory and quality tests around silicon